The job of a parent is by far the hardest. Long hours, zero pay and with the tiniest toughest taskmasters. Dawn to dusk and beyond, our time-tables are filled with the growing demands of our little darlings. From tutions to tiffins, sleeptime to mealtime parenthood can sometimes leave you over-tired, over-worked and over-whelmed. Good News,  this is about to change! 

No more frantic mornings filling mealboxes of a fussy kid. No more stress about the freshness of ingredients. No more calculcation of calories for your growing child. 

Yes Chef serves wholesome, healthy, tasty tiffins curated for toddler to teens, crafted with care and delivered with love.

We are easing the work of parents, we are taking over the responsibility of a nutritionist and we are changing the way school children eat, one tiffin at a time

We have taken the hassle out of healthy dining; we are here to cater to your children's ever changing palates, we have added the fresh & fun element to food and we have prioritised the growth and mental and physical well being of your baby. As parents, all you have left to do is say - Yes Chef!