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Our Story

Say Yes to healthy wholesome
meals for your kids

Say Yes to lots of choices for
your fussy foodies

Say Yes to hot tiffins delivered
directly to your child's school

Say Yes to regular monitoring of the nutrition intake of your baby

Say Yes to custom tailored dining solutions for your little darling.

For all this and more....

Just Say YesChef!


Good nutrition is so important for growing bodies! We create delicious, well-balanced nutritious meals for children aged 1 – 16 years that are also super convenient for their busy parents. To ensure your little ones are getting just what they need from our meals, we have worked with our nutritionist 


Toddlers or Teens are notoriously fussy eaters! From having to create works of art with toast shaped like a puppy, cucumber having to be re-sliced into circles rather than sticks, or making sure the carrot isn’t touching the broccoli on a plate, we’ve experienced it all! That’s why we’ve made our meals 


Many people still think that eating healthy is complicated and not tasty, but that’s far from true! Living a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to live on a piece of lettuce. On the contrary, Yes Chef ensures you that your children enjoy and relish the food and that at the same time is good for their growth and development.  

Just Say Yes Chef!


The yummiest, tastiest meal.... mmmm. Mummy, please give me more

Master Aaron William


I am so impressed with the quality and variety of Yes Chef meals. A treat for my kids and a huge boon for parents.

Ms. Sonia William


Our kids deserve the best. Yes Chef offers nutritious, safe, hygienic, high quality food served hot at our schools itself. We highly recommend them

Ms. Preeti Bhojak